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Office Cleaning: Service
Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning


.All trash receptacles(including shredders) and trash removed to a collection point. (Liners to be furnished by client)
Power vacuum all carpeting, taking care to get into corners, along edges and beneath furniture. (CINDERELLA is not responsible for removing staples from carpet)
Clean and polish drinking fountain.
Thoroughly dust all horizontal and vertical surfaces; including accessible desk tops, file cabinets, window sills, chairs, tables, pictures, and all manors of furnishings in above named areas.
Damp wipe telephones using a disinfectant.
Damp mop hard surface floors, taking care to get into corners, along edges and beneath furnishings
Wipe down a/c grills and light switches.
Wipe finger marks on entrance and exit glass.
Dust chair rails
Bathrooms; Stock towels tissue and hand soap. (To be supplied by client.)

Wipe and empty trash receptacles.
Clean and polish mirrors.
Wipe towel cabinet covers.
Toilets to be cleaned and disinfected inside and out.
Toilet seats to be cleaned on both sides and disinfected.
Scour and disinfect all basins.
Remove splash marks from walls and around basins. Wet mop restroom floors with disinfectant.

Window Cleaning
Window cleaning services also available. Windows scrubbed and squeegee cleaned with professional grade cleaners.

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