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Post construction cleaning

Cinderella Cleaning has successfully performed New Commercial Construction Cleans in Southeast Louisiana, Baton Rouge and Southwest Mississippi for years. We have had the honor to work with many of the accomplished General Contracting companies in our service area. We are continuously sought after to perform these cleans because we are specialized in every facet involved in commercial construction cleaning. From Rough Clean to Windows to Waxing Floors, Cinderella is the subcontractor to depend upon to get your project clean and ready for occupancy. We are aware of the various deadlines, inspections and protocol that General Contractors must adhere to, therefore our effort is concentrated on satisfying all contractual obligations and delivering your project in a condition that exceeds your expectations. Our crews have cleaned 15,000 square foot areas in a day without compromising quality service, never have trouble meeting demanding deadlines and will supply appropriate products and the latest equipment to satisfy the most challenging of projects.

Below are the services we offer and perform:

ROUGH CLEAN: Pick up trash, remove paper and plastic coverings, move materials, dust over thick layer of dirt on horizontal surfaces & broom sweep to prepare for final clean.

FINAL CLEAN: Clean site for occupancy; Wipe all horizontal surfaces, vacuum and wipe all mill work. Dust and wipe fans, fixtures, switch plates, doors, knobs, hinges and baseboards. Wipe bathrooms; toilets, sinks, tile walls, mirrors, showers, tubs and shine stainless steel. Wipe appliances, scrub thresholds, power vacuum and mop 2x. Remove minimal paint and stickers from surfaces as we clean.

WAX VCT/BBT/LVT: Vacuum, mop, scrub clean, remove unwanted marks and apply specified coats of wax, before furniture is delivered.

INTERIOR WINDOWS: Vacuum & wipe INSIDE window frames and lock ledges, interior glass doors, sidelights and transoms smudge free with professional cleaners, minimal paint removal included.

EXTERIOR WINDOWS: Clean window glass smudge free using squeegee with professional grade cleaners utilizing poles, extension ladders or lifts.

STAIRWELLS: Dust and wipe handrails and sweep floors.

ELEVATORS: Polish stainless in and out, vacuum and mop floors.

VARIOUS: Lockers, auditorium chairs, desks, cubicles etc.

We currently provide residential new construction cleaning to many local Residential Builders. Our service is two part. First, a Rough Clean entails cleaning sheet rock mud from around window frames and from around showers and tubs. The Rough Clean is performed when the Trim subcontractor has finished and before the painter completes the final cut in. Second, a Final Clean. The scope for a Final Clean is as follows: Windows - Clean inside and outside windows and frames, vacuum and wipe sills and lock ledges. Bathrooms - Wipe all surfaces, toilets, sinks, tile walls, mirrors, showers, tubs and stainless. Vacuum and wipe inside and outside of cabinets and drawers. Kitchen - Wipe all surfaces, shine stainless, vacuum and wipe inside of cabinets and drawers. Floors - sweep, vacuum and mop. General - Dust and wipe baseboards, light fixtures and fans. Scrub thresholds and clean fire place. Wipe switch plates, doors, knobs and hinges.

Stickers and (minimal) paint will be removed from areas where they do not belong. The Final Clean does not include removal of grout from floors or removal of grout haze.

The home will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for move in.

Cinderella does offer another service that has proven to be most popular with residential builders, it's our Sparkle service. This service does for the home exactly what it says, it makes the home Sparkle. Typically a few days or weeks after the Final clean is complete, our crew is called upon to perform a Sparkle clean. The Sparkle is necessary after the builder and/or realtor has shown the home to prospective buyers and the showings have left the homes appliances with finger prints marks, maybe smudges on glass entrance doors and foot prints markings on the carpets etc. The Sparkle clean allows for all surfaces to be dusted, stainless shined, bugs removed from sills, cobwebs removed from corners, bathrooms wiped down and floors vacuumed and damp mopped.

We feel that Cinderella Cleaning is the premier commercial and residential new construction cleaning service in the area. Our cleaning crews are trained to pay close attention to detail. Our crew leaders ensure each clean runs smoothly and that the home is cleaned to your standards. Our work in the home is the final detail, the icing on the cake and we take pride in knowing we are pleasing you the builder as well as the new homeowner. Let us help you showcase your hard work and talents.

Insurance certificate available upon request.

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