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Apartment, Commercial Cleaning: Service
Clean Apartments, Commercial Cleaning

Maid Service- Apartments


Apartment cleaning service is a large part of our business. We understand that our Client is under a contractual agreement to provide their lessees with an apartment that is sanitized and clean. Our goal is to clean each apartment in a detailed fashion so that our Client is ensured they will not have any complaints or concerns from their lessees in that regard. To take our service a step further, we can alter the scope to cater to our Clients requests and even assign a specific employee to the Client. This clean is typically performed after maintenance has completed their punch list and before the carpet cleaning.


Kitchen: Stove and Oven - inside, outside and under including under the stove top.

Microwave/Hood - inside and outside.

Dishwasher - inside and outside.

Fridge - inside, outside, under and behind.

Sink and faucet.

Cabinets and drawers - inside and outside.


Light fixtures - dust

Bathroom: Tub and surrounding tub including shower head.

Standup shower glass door inside and out - squeegee to remove water marks.

Sinks and faucets.

Toilets - remove ALL hard water rings.

Cabinets and drawers - inside and outside.

Mirrors and Light Fixtures

Laundry Room: Washer/dryer - inside and outside, around and behind as much as possible.

Water heater closet/storage: Sweep. Ceiling fans: blades and light fixture.

Carpet: vacuum. Wood Floors: sweep and mop.

Wipe: Door frames, doors, baseboards, light switches, wall plates, blinds, windows and glass doors.

Patio: Sweep.

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