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Waxing: Waxing floors are an important part of keeping your facility clean and presentable. High-traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit and this can give an otherwise beautiful floor an appearance that leaves a lot to be desired. Our VCT floor finish service will give your floors a deep, rich protective glow.

Buffing: Buffing results in a beautiful polish. It leaves floors with a glamorous appearance, one that belongs in a professional establishment. Without proper maintenance, hard surface floors tend to lose their sheen. High amounts of traffic leave tiny dry dirt particles that eventually dig scratches and nicks into your flooring, damaging it permanently. This tends to leave the flooring in a less-than-professional appearance. We use the most specialized floor techniques and top-rated commercial floor products in order to revitalize and protect your flooring.

Scrubbing: Commercial flooring should be kept clean and safe at all times. This requires regular floor scrubbing using environmentally-friendly solutions. Our industrial scrubbing machines will make quick work of any dirt, dust, grease or oil, leaving your floors and commercial carpets clean and looking great.

Warehouse Floor Cleaning: Warehouse floors tend to get overlooked. Cinderella Cleaning has top quality floor machines and cleaning products that can make your floors look great again.

Cleaning Grout: Cleaning tile floors by hand is hard work. It’s messy, cumbersome and impossible to get the deep-clean results that come with professional tile and grout cleaning. That’s because grout, which is a porous material, collects dirt and grime often discoloring the surface. Regular mopping and spot cleaning don’t reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of the grout lines. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service restores the color to the grout and the life back into the tile making them look like new.

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